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We're Here For The Big Stuff!

Spiderzone got off to a great start this Jan and Feb with the creative team landing and producing an automotive brand’s ‘above-the-line’ ad campaign, whilst the events team were busy working on a number of awards ceremonies and conferences.

It’s just a reminder that Spiderzone is here for the bigger and more strategic campaigns, as well as the smaller and quick-turn-around ones.

The team recently completed an automotive brand’s European advertising campaign, having pitched concepts in December. Our ‘big idea’ was to emphasise the brand’s investment in sponsorship of a range of different sporting events and teams, linking this back to product attributes.

Having started with a mood board, a series of visuals were produced to support a brief to specialist photographers. The final ads used a combination of clever copy, stock background images, location shot backgrounds and studio photography of the cars. Finally, a lot of effort went into post-production with some highly skilled retouching to help blend the stock, location, and studio photography, to create the right mood as well as adding polish!

Meanwhile, our events team were busy with conferencing and events; servicing clients with strategic planning, venue sourcing, live delegate management, creative event concepts, printed collateral, and full production management.

If you’re about to plan an engaging ad campaign, carry out a product launch, or host a corporate event, then maybe consider using a smaller agency with a bigger punch. Give Spiderzone a shout to see how it can invigorate your next event or marketing campaign.

And if you’re already benefiting from our creative talent and great service, then don’t forget that we’re here for the big stuff too!

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